Mission Statements

Black Wall Street in Reno is a non-profit 501 3 C tax exempt organization. This nonprofit organization was formed to meet the needs of black and other underserved minorities in the Reno Sparks area. The vision of Black Wall Street is to create an environment that will strengthen its disadvantage communities. The mission of Black Wall Street is to provide resources and services to black and under serve communities which increased their self-sufficiency and sustainability. We here at Black Wall Street take pride in making history and providing the new generations with courage and unending support and care. We here at Black Wall Street focus on Outreach for the at-risk young adults and literacy for the children. We here at Black Wall Street would like everyone to come and participate in what we are accomplishing with our mission. Black Wall Street will fund its operations through a combination of multiple grants, donations and in-kind donations! If you would like to join or support our efforts feel free to contact Black Wall Street Reno thanks for your support!